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History of Mechanical Citrus Harvesting
1990 to 2008


How does the cost of mechanical harvesting compare with conventional hand harvesting? Roka 2007 (10-1) describes a “Citrus Harvesting Decision Tool” he has developed for growers & others who are using or considering mechanical harvesting. He briefly describes the entries (some provided by the grower & some provided by the mechanical harvesting contractor) that need to made in a spreadsheet online. The “Citrus Harvesting Decision Tool” can be accessed at web sites http://www.citrustool.ifas.ufl.edu/ or http://citrusMH.ifas.ufl.edu/. By logging in with a user ID & password, information entered during one session can be stored/saved & reused at a later time.

Referenced Articles

10-1 Mechanical Harvesting- What's The Cost?

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