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Trunk Shaker Used to Harvest Organic Olives

In 2006, Quevado Winery, located in S. Joao da Pesqueira, Portugal, started growing organic olives for olive oil. At harvest time, they use a trunk shaker mechanical harvester. As stated in their website, www.quevedoportwine.com, “We are using a vibration harvester, which shakes the boughs, dislodging the olive fruit in few seconds. It definitively creates some vibration in the trunk but seems not to affect the heath of the olive tree. We have studied the effects of this harvester and we concluded no major damage was caused to the tree on the weeks and months after the harvest.” If you are interested in viewing their video, please visit their website at: http://quevedoportwine.com/organic-olive-oil-from-quevedo-using-mechanical-vibrating-harvester/.

Trunk Shaker Used to Harvest Organic Olives

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