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Citrus Mechanical Harvesting Field Day :: January 2007

Updates on Mechanical Harvesting Research
Mechanical Harvesting Workshop and Field Day
January 17, 2007
Polk County Extension Office
Bartow, FL

Brochure (PDF; 54kb)


7:30 am
Registration and Refreshments

7:45 am
Welcome and Plan for the Morning
Moderator: Chris Oswalt, UF-Polk Co. Ext.

8:00 am
Mechanical Harvesting & Tree Health

Compensating Physiology - Jim Syvertsen, UFCREC
Postharvest Recovery - Steve Futch, UFCREC

8:30 am
Enhancing Mechanical Harvesting Systems

Increasing Fruit Recovery - Reza Ehsani, UFCREC
Abscission - Jackie Burns, UFCREC
Cost of Gleaning - Fritz Roka, UF-SWFREC

9:15 am
Break and Travel to Grove Site

10:30 am
Field Demonstrations

  • Demonstration of Tractor Drawn Canopy Shaker and Pick-Up Machine
    RezaEhsani, UFCREC and Tylor Cain, OXBO Intl. Corp.
  • Discussion of Grove/Tree Preparation
    Bob Rouse, UF-SWFREC, and Mongi Zekri, UF-Hendry Co. Ext.
    High Headed Tree Handout

12:00 pm

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