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Abscission :: CMNP Registration


CMNP Registration Update


We are working with the company contracted to manage the CMNP registration process on a support basis. Formulated, technical and radio-labeled CMNP is received, stored and dispensed as directed, with the purpose of reducing overall cost of registration to the Florida citrus industry.


  • Abscission registration support and screening of CMNP-related formulation as needed

Key Findings (Updated on 09/10)

As delivered, the newly formulated material is as efficacious as the old formulation used in the 1970s. This has laid the way for larger field trials to support other objectives of the abscission and harvesting program.

Activities Planned for 2010-2011

  • Special emphasis will be placed on utilizing this information to support the abscission product label and for outreach activities related to the anticipated Experimental Use Permit/Temporary Tolerance allowance in 2010/2011.

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