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Agromillora Group Stone Fruit Breeding Program Rootstock- ROOTPAC

Agromillora Group, based in Barcelona, Spain, has developed a stone fruit breeding program producing a series of rootstocks called ROOTPAC. ROOTPAC rootstocks have enabled the development of almond, and other stone fruit varieties that can be used in Super High-Density System (SHD) plantings. As stated in the Agromillora Group website (www.agromillora.com), SHD plantings of almond trees grown on ROOTPAC- 20 increases efficiency of phytosanitary treatments and allows harvesting to be done in one pass with an over-the-row harvester. Harvested fruit does not touch the ground. For further information or to watch videos of almond trees being mechanical harvested, go to http://rootpac.com/en/super-high-density-system-shd or visit our website at http://citrusMH.ifas.ufl.edu.http://rootpac.com/en/super-high-density-system-shd

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