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Economic Studies :: Economic Benefits From Abscission


Mechanical harvesting (MH) systems have to suspend harvesting operations sometime during May when the young ‘Valencia’ fruit grows to more than 1” diameter. Without abscission, both trunk and canopy shakers will remove at least 25% of next year’s crop.


  1. Estimate value of an abscission agent that will allow MH to proceed through ‘Valencia’ season.
  2. Estimate potential impact of abscission on the cost of MH.

Key Findings (Update 12/07)

Preliminary analysis based on current system performance statistics and cost data, along with early abscission trial data, indicates more than $150 per acre of benefit from an effective abscission agent.

Activities planned for 2007-08

  • Master’s thesis developing a cost/benefit analysis for abscission based solely on the potential gains during the “late-season” ‘Valencia harvest. Costs will include the industry investment into the registration process.



Oct 2004(?) PPT to the DOC commissioners – Abscission workshop with Jackie Burns.


Excel worksheet with abscission calculations (?)

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