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Mass Harvesters :: Canopy Measurement
and Control System

Annual Progress Report:


Tractor drawn canopy shakers can cause tree injuries as the tines strike the tree. A low-cost tine movement controller was developed to help reduce these tree injuries caused when the tines strike the tree limbs. The goal is to reduce the time required for adjusting the amplitude of the shaker (for tine control) and further automating the process. The controller controls the tines based on the distance measurement.


To design and develop a rugged and cost-effective canopy measurement and control system to adjust the penetration of tree shaking tines into the tree canopy.

Key Findings (Updated 07/10):

The controller for tine distance and movement adjustment can help in rapid control and operation of mechanical harvester, especially the shakers, reduce tree injuries, and ease the operator job.

Activities Planned for 2010-2011

The controller with the sensor systems will be incorporated in a real harvesting machine and field-tested in first week of June, 2010.

Publications and Extension Products


Annual Progress Report

Savary, S. K. J. U. , R. Ehsani, J. K. Schueller, B. P. Rajaraman Mishra. Simulation study of citrus tree canopy motion during harvesting using a canopy shaker. 21 pages. Transactions of ASABE. (Submitted March 2010)

Savary, S. K. J. U. , R. Ehsani, M. Salyani, and M.A. Hebel. Study of force distribution in citrus tree canopy during harvesting using a canopy shaker. 21 pages. Journal of Computers and Electronics in Agriculture. (Submitted May 2010)

Non-refereed Publications:

Ehsani, R., and S. Udumala. 2010. Mechanical harvesting of citrus. Resource. May/June: pp. 4-6.

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